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Siding and Repairs

Repair your vinyl or aluminum siding to boost the structural health and functionality of your home.

When your home’s health is at risk, it is often difficult to diagnose the symptoms and identify the root cause of the illness. This is especially evident if the source of the issue is siding damage. The warning signs associated with siding damage can be as noticeable as visible holes in the siding, or more inconspicuous, such as sudden spikes in utility bills. It is important to identify the warning signs of siding damage and remedy the issue as soon as possible.

The diversity of the warning signs is due to siding’s integral role in the home structure. The functionality of the home is directly dependent on the siding health. Effective siding shields the core foundation from damage and establishes energy efficiency within the home by regulating airflow. It is the first line of defense from strong weather elements such as heavy rain, hail, snow or wind. Siding also aids the home’s aesthetic value and beautifies the exterior.

When siding deteriorates, a variety of home elements experience negative impacts due to the system’s influence. For example, inefficient siding allows moisture and water to leak into the home. Consequently, the home may experience mold, water damage, mildew or fungus. Peeling paint and wallpaper are directly linked to increased moisture or water leaks. Over time, siding can naturally depreciate. It could develop holes or begin to rot and warp. Your home could also experience an abrupt increase in utility bills due to insulation issues related to siding inefficiency.

The top contributor to siding damage is inclement weather conditions. Most notably, strong winds and resulting flying debris or hail hold significant weight. Rain, snow and ice also hinder the success of your home’s siding. Siding becomes warped due to either weather conditions or improper installation.

Our expert team specializes in vinyl and aluminum siding repair. Vinyl and aluminum are both very common siding materials and are characterized by their durability. However, aluminum siding is more prone to scratching, fading or denting. If these symptoms are present, the material needs to be repainted or replaced. Aluminum is also significantly vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. Vinyl siding is likely to warp during warm temperatures. Similarly, it has been known to melt in colder climates.

Alexander Townsley is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled for all vinyl and aluminum siding repair projects, boosting your home’s functionality and visual appeal. Contact us today.