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Gutters and Downspouts

Eliminate erosion and support the structural integrity with a capable gutter and downspout system.

Alexander Townsley recognizes the destructive power of moisture and the threat it poses to a structurally sound building foundation. Gutter and downspout installation are valuable tools toward combating precipitation and preventing erosion. We offer new gutter and downspout system installations and provide a wide variety of covers and guards. Highly experienced and knowledgeable, our team is equipped to solve all complex gutter needs.

The role of a rain gutter is to accumulate water from natural elements such as rain or snow and move the water away from the home’s foundation and basement. The downspouts transport the water to the drainage system. Without this protective procedure in place, the rain would erode the soil at the base of the home’s groundwork. Consequently, the moisture induced erosion would weaken the structural foundation of the house, create ditches and harm vegetation.

Installing the gutter and downspout system is the first preventative step, but upkeep is also essential. Monitor your gutters monthly and ensure that the structure is not clogged with debris. The resulting backup would further weaken the structural core and defeat the purpose of the system. We recommend extensive gutter maintenance twice a year, specifically during seasonal transitions. For example, autumnal leaves will fall from the trees and land inside the gutters, littering the system and hindering its functionality.

However, this maintenance estimate is altered based upon your specific landscaping characteristics. The type of trees and landscaping that surround the gutters inflict a noticeable impact and change how often experts suggest inspection should be done. If you have pine trees in your yard, maintenance should be conducted every three months. Pine trees are likely to shed their leaves and clog your gutters on a more frequent basis.

Contact our skilled team to discuss our selection of state of the art gutter and downspout systems, assess the specific inspection requirement for your yard type and perform routine maintenance. Alexander Townsley is the ideal resource to strengthen home health and functionality.