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Lightning Rod Installation

Prioritize your safety and invest in your home’s future with proactive lightning rod installation.

Alexander Townsley firmly encourages homeowners to prioritize the long-term security of their home through the installation of a lightning protection system. This proactive measure places an emphasis on safety and defends the home from the destructive impacts of lightning contact. While the frequency of lightning is sporadic, the wound it inflicts is chronic and long-lasting. Lightning rod installation is a vital step towards investing in your home’s future.

Lightning strikes impact the home in several, hazardous ways. The fickle attack can spark a fire, creating a potentially perilous situation for all residents. This unwelcome predicament is especially likely if the structure is composed of flammable building materials such as wood. Lightning contact can also lead to power surges. The resulting damage targets the electrical system and all accompanying appliances within the home. Electricity will flow at highly incompatible rates, forcing appliances to overheat, breakdown or catch fire. Shock waves sparked by lightning have the strength to fragment dense building materials like concrete, brick, cinder block and stone. Brick and stone chimneys often fall victim to shock wave damage.

A specific set of housing characteristics define the residence’s vulnerability. Homes that meet these criteria attract lightning and endure the consequential impacts. This classification emphasizes the urgent need for protective measures. Among the set of variables, location holds significant weight. For example, homes located in vast, flatlands, at the top of mountains or at the edge of a body of water are at risk. Similarly, tall buildings in urban regions present a safety threat.

Contact our expert team to install preventative lightning rods for your home. Investing in your future starts today.