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Painting and Power-Washing

Enhance the aesthetic and cleanse your home of harmful bacteria with our painting and power-washing services.

A fresh coat of paint and diligent power wash have the ability to revive your home on both a decorative and hygienic basis. We offer exterior paint services that rejuvenate the home’s design and strongly believe that all exterior surfaces should be power washed yearly, at a minimum. Our paint and power wash services work together to beautify and cleanse your home.

Refreshing your exterior paint presents many hidden benefits, both cosmetic and hygienic. Our team’s expert artistry is specifically tailored to match the customer’s unique preference and showcase their home’s personality. Color choice transforms the tone of an area and adds depth to smaller spaces. Traditionally, blues elicit a soothing, calming sense. Brighter, exuberant colors are associated with feelings of excitement and liveliness. However, these perceptions change based upon the individual’s personal attachments and sentimental associations to each color. It is important to delicately choose your color scheme with these connotations in mind. The home is a reflection of its residents and design uplifts that mirror image.

Beyond physical appearance, crisp exterior paint rids the home of harmful bacteria on neglected walls. The protective layer removes stains and expels dust, dirt and allergens. A coat of paint eliminates moisture, which prevents mold and mildew production. The paint acts as a second defense for the siding and trim against the natural elements.

Power washing combats dirt, grime, mildew and harmful bacteria on your exterior surfaces. This preventative maintenance service effectively purifies your surfaces and updates the visual value. We highly recommend frequent power washing to ensure an area free of contamination and health risks for your family. However, power washing is not limited to the home exterior. Outdoor structures that would benefit from power washing services include fencing, garage doors, outdoor grills, driveways, walkways, patios, decks, outdoor furniture and swimming pools.

Contact our team today to talk about your painting or power-washing project.