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Deck Repair and Restoration

Transform your deck’s condition with our painting, staining, board replacement and repair services

Decks are characteristically susceptible to damage due to their proximity to the outdoors and natural elements. Sun, water and climate changes are the top disruptors to the deck health. This apparent vulnerability underlines the need for consistent maintenance and meticulous restoration. Alexander Townsley offers an array of deck services, including painting, staining, board replacement and repair. Our experienced team will restore your withered deck to brand new condition.

The deck restoration services present numerous advantages. Staining and painting strengthen the visual appearance of your deck. The tint and color options for stain and paint aid the design of your home while increasing the structures lifespan. This process will need to be repeated every two or three years. Staining and painting your deck also reduces the chance of mold growth, hinders insect infestation and reduces moisture. Moisture will eventually lead to cracks and wood damage.

There are three main causes of deck damage: sun, water and climate. The ultraviolet rays from the sun discolor the wood, impacting the aesthetic value and design. The natural glue that connects the wood’s fibers, known as lignin, breaks down and causes the wood to crack. Water is collected on the deck due to rain, snow and ice. The moisture creates an environment for mold growth and forces the wood to rot and warp. Climate change is also a significant impactor. When the temperature increases, wood contracts. Similarly, the wood will expand during colder climate changes. Both of these actions pave the way for eventual cracking and warping.

Decks are characteristically personal and versatile extensions, providing an outdoor oasis for both large social gatherings and calming moments of solitude. Your home’s square footage is expanded and market value increased with the crucial addition of a deck. Therefore, the influence of the deck on your home and relative happiness emphasizes the importance of upkeep and restoration. Frequent maintenance is paramount in order to prevent future damage and reap the benefits of having a deck.

Alexander Townsley will transform the condition and life of your deck through our restorative services. Contact us today to enhance your deck and allow it to reach its full potential.