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Roof Repair Services in Columbia, MD

Strengthen your home’s exterior defense and general functionality with regular roof maintenance


The roof is a valuable asset to the home’s structural defense team, but it’s functionality is not impenetrable. Our team offers proactive roof inspection and repair to ensure the system is capable and achieves its purpose.

Successful roofing acts as a shield against inclimate weather and animal infestations, while upholding energy efficiency within the home. Roofing shingles and tiles are decorative materials that boost your home’s visual personality. Tiles were also created to block out precipitation. Roofing flashing is the material covering the joints. Often made of aluminum or steel, roofing flashing prevents leaks and protects the roof’s structure. Our expert team repairs broken roofing tiles and seals roofing flashing to protect your home from leaks.

When signs of damage are presented, immediate action is highly encouraged. Flaws in the roofing framework or moisture induced decay could have scarring effects if left untreated. Your home will experience short-term and long-term consequences if roof repair is neglected. Roof leaks are a common short-term effect of roof neglect. These leaks will expand over time, potentially leading to severe water damage. Water damage is a long term consequence and takes the form of mold or heavy ceilings that weaken the structure. Other immediate consequences of roof neglect are increased energy bills and animal or pest infestation. Mold is sparked from wet insulation and damp roof layers.

The signs that alert repair come in many forms. Most commonly, faults will be evident in the roofing shingles. If these materials are curled, cracked or missing, repair is in order. On some occasions, shingles will shed their granules. These items will collect in the home’s gutters, cluttering the drainage system. Proactive inspection will prevent this disrupting chain of events and hinder further issues. Additionally, roofing issues could impact the chimneys or gutters. Gutters could develop decay and rust due to leaks, while chimneys will become loose and unstable.

While the exterior is the most prominent indicator of roofing issues, the interior of the building will also provide several hints. Look for moisture marks on the walls and ceilings of your home. These stains will be brown, yellow or gray in color. Peeling paint and wallpaper are also linked to roofing damages.

We provide new roofs, repairs, coating and maintenance for all of your roofing related obstacles. Contact Alexander Townsley today and protect your home tomorrow!